BigCommerce vs Shopify Plus:

Which should you choose?

Are you interested in using effective enterprise-level eCommerce solutions? Shopify Plus and BigCommerce Enterprise are the most used eCommerce platforms of this type. They are providing mobile optimization, responsive design, user-friendly experience, great support and few other things that make them stand out from the crowd. Budweiser, Gibson, Toyota, Red Bull, GE – these are the names of some of the popular brands that use these two platforms. Although they have a lot of things in common, they have unique features too and that’s why you need BigCommerce vs Shopify Plus comparison.

Before we start with the detailed review, it’s good to know that both these platforms are cloud-based solutions. If you want to manage an eCommerce website with one of these solutions, you need a laptop or PC, a stable internet connection and an up-to-date web browser.


As expected, BigCommerce Enterprise and Shopify Plus provide access to a wide array of features. As popular modern solutions, they offer bandwidth without any limitations, almost 100% uptime and an excellent level of scalability. All these things are very important for a high number of sales, proper customer engagement and satisfaction. In addition, Shopify Plus and BigCommerce Enterprise come equipped with multichannel selling options and specialized representatives that can help you build and run your online store.

What’s great about Shopify Plus is that if you are using another platform, you can easily migrate to Shopify Plus. There are a few apps that can help you move from other platforms to this platform even if you don’t have tech skills. What’s even better is that a change like this won’t affect the SEO of your website. Unfortunately, BigCommerce Enterprise doesn’t have a feature like this.

However, BigCommerce has excellent search options. So, your prospective buyers won’t have problems finding the product that they are looking for because they can filter their search results based on size, color, price range, and other characteristics. Generally speaking, both platforms have many useful features. We could add that BigCommerce Enterprise has very smooth one-page checkout system.


In case you’ve used the basic plans offered by BigCommerce and Shopify, then you already know how their enterprise-level versions look like. When it comes to Shopify Plus, this is a user-friendly dashboard which allows users to add products, generate reports and edit themes without any hassles. BigCommerce Enterprise has a similar dashboard and it shouldn’t be a problem even for new users to become familiar with the mechanics of their dashboard. Don’t forget that you can use a free trial in both cases in case you want to see how these platforms are working.

Add-ons and integrations

Let us start by saying that Shopify Plus features tons of helpful add-ons which can be found in their specially designed Shopify Apps Store. More than one thousand application can be integrated with the help of this platform. You can use these apps for accounting, marketing, shipping, and other purposes. In case you want a new application, you can use their REST API. Of course, you will need some coding knowledge in order to do this.

BigCommerce Enterprise relies on an open source system. This means that developers are able to use unlimited API calls. There are about 400 applications available on BigCommerce Enterprise at the moment. Yet, they have a few built-in features that Shopify Plus doesn’t have like Shipper HQ for shipping and Alvara for accounting tasks. All in all, these two platforms have excellent features which is why there are so many enterprise-level organizations that have decided to use exactly these two platforms.


It makes sense that both platforms provide responsive themes optimized for mobile users. However, Shopify Plus is slightly better when it comes to appearance and design. They have more than 100 themes and a couple of dozens of them are free. The premium themes are not expensive and they look great.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that BigCommerce Enterprise is lagging a lot behind Shopify. They have many responsive themes too. In addition, thanks to their sophisticated Stencil theme editor, you can modify your theme in many different ways.

Customer support

The fact is that enterprise-level eCommerce platform users usually don’t need customer support especially once they establish their eCommerce sites, but it’s good to know that there are customer service agents that can help you at any time. Shopify Plus is providing fast responses to the questions asked by registered users. They have phone, email and live chat support. In addition, users can rely on the Knowledge Base and Community Forums too. On top of that, you will get the help of Merchant Success Managers.

On the other hand, with BigCommerce Enterprise you can expect a community board and chat support which is available 24/7, 365 days a year. They have also created a special BigCommerce University where you can find videos that can help you with some of the most frequently asked questions. If you are willing to pay more, BigCommerce Enterprise will provide a Strategic Account Manager.

Payment Processing

We must say that BigCommerce Enterprise, as well as Shopify Plus, work perfectly well with popular 3rd party payment gateways including Sage Payment Solutions, Authorize.Net, and PayPal. With Shopify Plus you can use over 100 gateways while BigCommerce Enterprise integrates about 40 of them.

If you are a fan of PayPal as a payment solution, you should know that BigCommerce has a special deal with them which cuts PayPal transaction fees. However, if you use Shopify Payments, a unique payment gateway created by Shopify, you will get small transaction fees for a wide range of payment gateways.


At the end of the day, it all depends on the needs of your business. Both Shopify Plus and BigCommerce Enterprise are great platforms for enterprise-level users that are part of different industries. However, if we analyze the most important factors that contribute to making the right decision, you will probably notice that Shopify Plus is slightly better than BigCommerce Enterprise.

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